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Ac Current Graphed Versus Time - Wiring Diagram And Fuses

Ac Current Graphed Versus Time

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Ac Current Graphed Versus Time -
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Ac Current Graphed Versus Time

Ac Current Graphed Versus Time,
Ac Current Graphed Versus Time,
In the United States commercial electric current is reversed in direction 60 times each second (and is called 60cycle AC). In Europe the practice is to use 50cycle AC. For specialized applications, other rates of reversal are used; for example, in the aircraft industry, electric generators usually operate at 400 cycles. The Heating Effect of Alternating Current Most generators that produce alternating current provide a current that varies sinusoidally. That is, a graph of current versus time Impulse Cycle Current flow 0 Time é FIGURE 16.7 Impulse and cycle are shown in this graph of current flow versus time. essential to understanding the use of electrical currents in therapy: P Impulse: AC flows in a single direction. In Figure

16.7,.it appears as a half—circle (or egg); the portion of the graph representing current flowing from the baseline to the maximum in one direction and back to the baseline. In the example above of generating AC, it represents electron flow during the 9V Figure 7.6 Circuit for charging a capacitor The graph of voltage versus time is an exponential curve. The voltage rises rapidly at first and then more and more slowly. Figure 7.7 Graph of voltage vs. time In an AC circuit, a capacitor seems to let current pass. The AC causes the capacitor to be alternately charged and discharged at the same frequency as the current. It seems therefore that current is passing through the capacitor. The circuit on the next page shows a source of

AC Solution.a charge = current (A) x time (s) = (60 x 7) As = 420 C b power = current x potential difference = (60 x 12) W= 720W c energy = power x time = 720 x 7 = 5040 J Note Batteries supply d.c. d.c. deflects the pointer of a movingcoil meter in one direction only. 21.4 a.c. versus d.c. Note Electricity supplied on the domestic mains is a.c. Note Both the peak value and the frequency of a.c. signals can be read off current (or voltage) versus time graphs (see Figure 21.7). The r.m.s. value Notice that current now flows in a clockwise direction. As the power supply voltage is increased, the galvanometer needle deflects to the right to some maximum value. As the voltage is decreased to zero volts, current flow in the circuit

decreases.to zero amperes. Plotting an AC Waveform This alternating current can be represented in graphical form, as shown in Figure 1.5. Notice that the axes of this graph are specified to plot current versus time. Time is plotted on the horizontal, or X Figure 7.32 Direct current. The current flows in one direction and doesn't increase or decrease, as shown in the graph of current versus time. 4. The standard unit of energy used in electric utility bills is the . ANSWERS: 1.(d) 2.toaster, electric heater 3.True 4.kilowatthour + AC. and. DC. The electric current supplied by a battery is different from the current supplied by a normal household wall socket. Batteries supply direct current (DC), and household outlets supply

alternating.current Resistors. in. an. AC. Circuit. Just as a reminder, consider Figure 23.47, which shows an AC voltage applied to a resistor and a graph of voltage and current versus time. The voltage and current are exactly in phase in a resistor. There is no frequency dependence to the behavior of plain resistance For any capacitor, the charge stored, Q = CV, where V is the p.d. across its terminals and C is its capacitance. In an alternating current circuit, the charge and the potential difference are therefore in phase with each other. In mathematical terms, if V = V0 sin(2ft), then Q = CV0 sin(2ft). Figs 20.15 and 20.16 show how the voltage and charge vary over a few cycles. Since the current I = the rate of flow of

charge,.dQ dt, which is the gradient of the charge v time graph, the current at any point According to these equations different values of V and I corresponding to different values of t i.e. at t = 0, T T 3T , , 4 2 4 and T will be as follows : t 0 T/4 T/2 3T/4 T V 0 V0 0 V0 0 I 0 I0 0 I 0 0 Now, taking the values of t as abscisa and the corresponding values of V and I as ordinate the voltagetime (Vt) graph and currenttime (It) graph are obtained as shown in figure 10.3. .rom these graphs it is obvious that V and I both vary with time periodically. Such graphs are known as sine curves 

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